Carillon by Jeffrey Townsend

Maidan Kiev

Temptation mit Nadiamar

Illusionen, Alexandra

Classical gas

4-tissimo Tico-tico 8 Hände auf 2 Gitarren

Smoke on the water

Mit Tommy Emmanuel



4-tissimo in Moskaw Tchaikovskij Hall

Asturiaz mit Ars Nova

Ars Nova percussion

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  1. wow, Nadja kam zu uns an den messestand und strahlte freundlich und kompetent ohne zu spielen. jetzt wo ich die videos sehe finde ich sie unglaublich vielseitig und kreativ!
    hoffentlich können wir mit unserer erfahrung etwas zu ihrem erfolg beitragen!

  2. Whenn I іnitially left a comment I appear to have clicked ᧐n the -Notify
    me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on wheneѵeг
    a comment is added I гecieve 4 emails ԝith the eхact same comment.

    Perhaps there is a means you are able to remove me from thzt service?

  3. Hello Nadja,

    You are an indigo. Your higher self (soul) (home On High) is a seventh dimensional angel instead of a sixth dimensional angel. Innately, naturally, you have easier access to Father’s Loving Cosmos. Your fourth dimensional consciousness is bigger, has more potential, than the 4D consciousness of non-indigo people, and you wear it well. Thank you.

    Indigo musicians I have found as of October 30, 2018:

     eden ahbez, Steve Allen, Ian Anderson, Tuck Andress, Martha Argerich, Hiroshi Arimori, Lil Hardin Armstrong, Elena Ashimova, Phoenix Avalon, Yulianna Avdeeva, Irena Babackova, Martina Barlotta, Bela Bartok, Anton Batagov, Lisa Batiashvili, Amy Beach, Emily Bear, Ludwig von Beethoven, Sidney Bechet, Joshua Bell, Gvaneta Betaneli, Georges Bizet, Ziemek Bucko, Khatia Buniatshvili, Nora Buschmann, Andrea González Caballero, Jorge Caballero, Enrico Caruso, Thibault Cauvin, Felix Cavaliere, Olivier Cazal, Cécile Chaminade, Sarah Chang, John Chen, Moye Chen, Alec Chien, Chipeta, Chloe Chua, Kyung Wha Chung, Alecu Ciapa, Van Cliburn,

    Ran Dank, Aniello Desiderio, Alma Deutscher, Manana Doijashvili, Eric Dolphy, Dongni Xie. Jerry Douglas, Gustavo Dudamel, María Dueñas, Thomas Duis, Jacqueline du Pré, Katrin Endrikat, Enya, Peter Erskine, Jackie Evancho, Caroline Fischer, Julia Fischer, David Garrett, Umi Garrett, Dimitry Grigortsevich, Duncan Gifford, Irene Gomez, Daniel Gortler, Edvard Grieg, Helene Grimaud, Andrei Gugnin, Istvan Gulyas, Michael Gurt, Maria Esther Guzman, Hilary Hahn, Eduardus Halim, George Frideric Handel, W.C. Handy, Mone Hattori, Joseph Haydn, Endre Hegedűs, Emma Hicker (10), Earl Hines, Allan Holdsworth, Gustav Holst, Lena Horne, Vladimir Horowitz, Laura Husbands, Anika Hutschreuther,

    Valentina Igoshina, Imagawa Sadayo, Ana-Maria Iordache, Ahmad Jamal, Jeno Jando, Ivor Janssen, Janine Jansen, Xavier Jara, Keith Jarrett, Herb Jefferies, Jiji, Tavi Jinariu, Stephanie Jones, Angelina Jordan, Sungha Jung, Niklas Junker, Brianna Kahane, Jessica Kaiser, Christian Kalkbrenner, Magdalena Kaltcheva, Vera Kamaneva, Natalia Kastashova, Ida Kavafian, Nikolay Khozyainov, Young-Ah Kim, Lutz Kirchhof, Evgeny Kissin, Miyu Kitsuwa, SoHyun Ko, Aimi Kobayashi, Marina Kolomiitseva, Jianing Kong, Xiang-Dong Kong, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Nadja Kossinskaja, Alison Krauss, Irina Kulikova, Damien Lancelle, Lang Lang, Julia Lange, Rosalía Gómez Lasheras, Valentine Lasitsa, Anna Lee, Evan Le, Haneul Lee, Soo-Been Lee, Yesong Sophie Lee, Anne Louise-Turgeon, Alexander Lubiantsev, Yiming Liu,

    Yo-Yo Ma, Barbara Mandrell, Groucho Marx, Heike Matthiesen, Lyle Mays, Matthew McAllister, Felix Mendelssohn, Johann Kaspar Mertz, Anne Akiko-Meyers, Cinzia Milani, Antonina Miliukova, Joni Mitchell, Miyu, Thelonious Monk, Nicola Montella, Carlos Montoyo, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Gerry Niewood,

    Maria Okhotina, Alice Sara Ott, Seiji Ozawa, Niccolo Paganini, Virginia Pagola, Dariya Panasevych, Edward Park, Kyuhee Park, Wesley Park, Luciano Pavarotti, Itzhak Perlman, Judicael Perroy, Oscar Peterson, Anastasiya Petryshak, Madeleine Peyroux, Catalina Pires, Petra Polackova, Cole Porter, Simone Porter, Irin Prechanvinit, Prince, Sergei Prokofiev, Ekaterina Pushkarenko, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Yves Rault, Usman Riaz, Paola Requena, Robert Retherford, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Francesca Riva, Paul Robeson,

    Camille Saint-Saëns, Antonio Salieri, Victor Sangiogio, Enrica Savigni, Gaspar Sanz, Domenico Scarlatti, Franz Schubert, Clara Schumann, Isabella Selder, Borbala Seres, Konstatine Shamray, Lahav Shani, Ravi Shankar, Oxana Shevchenko, Yesle Shin, Helen Sim, Nina Simone, Martin Simpson, Lonnie Liston Smith, Raphaella Smits, Leonora Spangenberger, Karmen Stendler, Igor Stravinsky, Su Meng, Ryosuke Suho, Sun Xuanxuan, Sophia Suwiryo, Shinichi Suzuki, Hedvika Svendova, Lotti Szalai,

    Yuki Takao, Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev, Sergey Tarasov, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Georg Philipp Telemann, Estas Tonne, Federico Moreno Torroba, Julia Trintschuk, Stanley Turrentine, Mitsuko Uchida, Hiromi Uehara, Alexander Ullman, Rem Urasin, Elina Vahala, Ana Vidovic, Antonio Vivaldi, Herbert von Karajan, Shihan Wang, Yuja Wang, Arnan Weisel, Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Tal Wilkenfeld, John Williams, Tony Williams, Amira Willighagen, Kazuhito Yamashita, Joyce Yang, Soyoung Yoon, Avan Yu, Riccardo Zadra, Frank Zappa, Hao Zhu, Krystian Zimerman, Elena Zucchini,

     Incarnation of ArchAngel Camael – Franz Liszt,

    Below is the technique I use to get my 4D consciousness up to my 6D higher self and gain these perceptions:

    === === ===

    Triple Helix (as an umbilical cord)

    With a picture in your mind’s eye, see a triple helix cable.
    Place the cable inside you, from your root chakra to your crown chakra.
    Let the cable extend through your root chakra to the center of the Earth.
    Let the cable extend through your crown chakra to your higher self, in the 6th dimension.
    (7th dimension for indigos)

    The picture in your head of your triple helix connecting cable is in the 4th dimension, where your thoughts are. By osmosis, your cable is now in the sixth dimension (7th if indigo), per your connection with soul/higher self, as long as you can ‘see’ your connection with higher self. Let your cable also include available ‘neutral’ energy from the fifth dimension to become part of your communication/antenna cable.

    This is the foundation for safely opening to additional information that is available to you, all facilitated by higher self (while still grounded to/with Gaia). Your higher self is a proven, dedicated member of Father’s Loving Hierarchy, and is your most secure access portal to the rest of Father’s Loving Cosmos.
    In fact, your 4th dimensional consciousness is but a 4th dimensional piece of that angel, that eternal being, on loan, being avatar-ed on Earth as the 4th dimensional consciousness of a 3D/4D sentient being.

    Your new omni-dimensional conscious connection (to who you’ve always been connected to anyway) will serve as an acid test for everything in your experience. If you can maintain the picture of your umbilical cord in your mind’s eye while reviewing new information, be it from your own thought process or an outside source, then you can have confidence that the new information is for you to follow up on. Maybe you will also feel it strongly, with the picture in your head.

    There will be a feeling associated with the results of your checking for the truth of new information, and this will develop into an additional knowingness of this new truth.
    You must learn to differentiate between a feeling that is centered in your 4D emotions (and existing belief system) from a feeling that is centered in your connection with your ‘local spiritual hierarchy’.
    Be open to new intuitive information to enter your thinking, while knowingly within your omni-dimensional spiritual umbilical cord.

    Investment in your connection with your ‘local spiritual hierarchy’ will sustain you, where sole investment in your emotions and logic circuits will fail you in tough times.
    === === ===

    You are free to share any or all of this, especially with the other indigo musicians.

    Be Well, The Martin

    Franz Liszt 1

    Franz Liszt 2

    Franz Liszt by Harpo

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