Hey, I’m NADiA Kossinskaja,

as a concert guitarist and singer my true love of music brought me to 58 countries. I feel tremendously  fortunate to have performed on many of the world’s most famous stages: Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires), Radio City Hall (New York), Royal Albert Hall (London), Yokohama Arena (Japan), Gran Teatro Nacional (Lima, Peru), Arena Ciudad de México (Mexico), Tchaikovsky Hall (Moscow).

My rich experiences and honors include:

Guitar Academy

Let’s play guitar together

My deepest desire is make people fall in love with the guitar; and not only to listen but also to play.

My deepest conviction is that anybody can be a great guitar player. In fact, I have developed a method of learning to play guitar that has helped many people get to an advanced level in less than a year and many of my students have become professionals.

To the academy

My Music

Best of


Format: Digital download, CD

  1. Oblivion GuitarSolo NADiA Kossinskaja 0:30
  2. Sunrise NADiA Kossinskaja 0:39
  3. Nacht Am Meer NADiA Kossinskaja 0:31
  4. Twist in my sobriety NADiA Kossinskaja 00:32
  5. Cavatina NADiA Kossinskaja 0:33
  6. Du Bist Mir Näher NADiA Kossinskaja 0:35
  7. Those were the days 0:54
  8. I Guess_Solo NADiA Kossinskaja 0:33
  9. 0Welcome To Bourlesque NADiA Kossinskaja 0:32

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