Can I Teach Myself Guitar? Discover Here!

By Nadia Kossinskaja

If you, like me, have ever dreamed of being able to play the guitar, you’ve probably wondered: “Can I teach myself guitar?” The good news is that the answer is yes! With the abundance of online resources and learning tools available today, it has never been more feasible to master this beautiful skill on your own.

Guitar Lessons on YouTube

YouTube is a true treasure trove when it comes to guitar lessons. From beginners to advanced players, there are channels dedicated to every learning style and taste.

These videos offer step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks, and even songs to play along with. It’s a convenient and accessible way to start learning, and best of all, it’s completely free!

But……. everyone can add and start a online channel with guitar tips and tricks. Are they educated themself? I have seen a lot of so called teachers that teach the same`mistakes`over and over again.

Look what i did before turning into a guitar teacher:

As a concert guitarist my true love of music brought me to 58 countries. I feel tremendously  fortunate to have performed on many of the world’s most famous stages: Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires), Radio City Hall (New York), Royal Albert Hall (London), Yokohama Arena (Japan), Gran Teatro Nacional (Lima, Peru), Arena Ciudad de México (Mexico), Tchaikovsky Hall (Moscow).

My rich experiences and honors include:

  • Awardee of 12 international guitar competitions in Austria, Spain, Poland, England
  • 2018 four 1st – x places in the German competition “Deutsche Rock-Pop 2018” within 4 categories: “Pop Singer of the Year”, “Album of the Year”, “Song of the Year (chanson)”, “Instrumentalist of the Year”
  • Studying guitar with world stars such as Oscar Ghiglia (student of A.Segovia), A. Aussel, A. Pierri, W. Weigel.
  • Holding master classes at international festivals around the world and at universities such as Caracas (Venezuela), Stafford (England), Walla-Walla (USA), Aranda (Spain)
  • Performing as guitarist and backing vocalist with world stars such as Sarah Brightman, Tommy Emmanuel, Boris Grebenschikov, John Lord (Deep Purple), Peter Maffay, Udo Jurgens, Wolf Hoffmann (Accept), Roland Dyens, Leo Brower, Tierra Negra, Udo Lindenberg, Fools Garden (Lemon Tree), Vincent Niclo
  • Release of 14 CDs (solo and with others), one of which, “Laut & Leise” by P.Maffay,received a platinum award.
  • Compositions and arrangements for guitar include most famous – “Oblivion” by A.Piazzolla with more than 2500 copies sold. “Oblivion” and “Tico-Tico” combined had more than 9 million views on YouTube.
  • As an instructor of currently more than 2000 students I am happy to see some of my students as winners of guitar competitions or pursuing carriers as professional musicians.

So…experienced enough to know what i am talking about!

Therefore i made this course: Learn to play Guitar in 14 days 

What is the First Thing a Beginner Guitarist Should Learn? One of the first things a beginner guitarist should learn is understanding basic chords. These chords form the building blocks of nearly every song you’ll want to play on the guitar. By focusing on simple chords like A, E, D, G, and C, you’ll establish a solid foundation for your musical journey.

My course is just exactly what you need when you are just starting your guitar lesson journey. I am positive about that.

How Much Should Beginner Guitar Lessons Cost? One of the advantages of self-study is that it can be significantly cheaper than taking traditional guitar lessons. While private lessons can quickly add up to a substantial amount per hour, online resources are often much more affordable, if not free. It all comes down to what fits best with your budget and learning style. I priced my course for just €47.50.  It is a no brainer to get so much information from a pro for hardly nothing.

The Best Online Guitar Lessons In addition to YouTube, there are plenty of other online platforms offering excellent guitar lessons. From structured courses to interactive apps, there’s something for everyone. Some of these platforms even provide personal guidance and feedback, making it feel like you have a private instructor without the price tag that often comes with it. And here comes my course in the picture. This is exactly what i provide. First you start on a basic level with  my learn 14 days Guitar course. I even give you a free personal one on one private lesson with me in this course. After that you cab attend the online semibar lessons if you like. I will keep you updated via email contact.

How to Play Guitar for Beginners If you truly want to learn how to play guitar as a beginner, consistency is key. Set a schedule and dedicate some time each day to practice. Start with simple songs and gradually build up your skills. Don’t be discouraged by mistakes; they’re part of the learning process. Stay motivated and enjoy the fun of playing!

Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar but don’t know where to start? Then sign up now for my 14-day guitar course and let me guide you on your musical journey! With my step-by-step instructions and personal support, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress. Click here to learn more and enroll today!