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8 thoughts on “Kontakt

  1. I wanted to congratulate you on your arrangement of Astor Piazzola’s ‚oblivion“, such a beautiful piece of music. You have really played it beautifully as only a woman could, so tenderly and interestingly. I am not a musician myself ( I am an architect), but I find myself unable to pull away from your (Youtube) video and I listen to it over and over not tiring of hearing it. Thank you so much, and please don’t stop making that kind of music. After watching some of your other videos I think they cannot compare to the quality and the beauty of the one I mention.

  2. Your arrangement on „Oblivion“ is full of subtleties and emotions. This guitar transcription is perfect, so is the timbre. I have been listening your performance again and again. I have tried to order the sheet but failed. I do not understand why the site refuses online payment (by Mastercard, from Vietnam). Can you help me!

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